Planning a kids party whether it’s for school, church family get-together or for your company bring your children to work day is a daunting task that requires’s months and months of planning. Here are some key factors that you should consider!

Food should be your foremost priority as this is one of the trickiest items that’ll probably take the longest to organize in order to make everyone happy. Just as each kid is unique and different, so are there diets and medical conditions. In order to ensure that nobody gets sick or needs to be rushed to the doctors, you must consolidate a list of all allergies and dietary restrictions to come up with what food items will make everyone happy. Although this is easier said and done sometimes you can’t make everyone happy, in which case you have to tell the relevant parents what to watch out for or put out clear place cards to avoid any confusion.

Activities are a key part of organizing a kid’s that need to be planned according to the crowd. While jumping castles hire in Melbourne, or commonly referred to as bouncy castle hire is a worthwhile investment for kids under 7, it would be a terrible idea if there kids older than that. Hiring a magician or balloon artist although would most kids happy would only engage them for a short while. Outdoor activities such as a pool party or piñata, on the other hand, would keep kids engaged for much longer given that safety precautions are followed; the last thing you’ll want is somebody accidentally getting hurt and rushed off to hospital.

Selecting the right music for your party will depend upon the age range of kids that attend the party. If the kids are between the age of 1-5 nursery rhymes and similar sing-along songs that everyone can sing and dance to is suggested. If the party is for kids of various ages a playlist consisting of pop songs that both the younger and older kids can enjoy is recommended. Make sure you go through the playlist to ensure that the songs don’t contain obscene and violent lyrical material to avoid angry reactions from keen parents. A Photobooth taking pictures where the kids are asked to pose with a funky sign, hats or wig of their choice is another cheap idea that can be executed with minimum effort but will be a memento that both kids and parents alike will treasure for a long time.

Goodie bags
A Goodie bag with candy, an inexpensive toy and a thank you card is a nice way to give at the end of the kid’s party that will ensure the kids go home happy even though the fun is over. For more information, please log on to