Every parent feels excited when planning a nursery for their soon to be born child. A nursery is the only room in the home which exudes a joyous and youthful vibe. Proper designing for a nursery is important because it should be well equipped and colourful for the baby. It is important that all parents design the nursery in such a way that it serves the child as years pass as well. Below are some key features and great ways to make the nursery suitable even after the first two years.


Choosing a specific theme like a cartoon character based on the child’s gender is a lovely way to decorate the room. But as the child grows older his preferences may differ and the theme will not be favoured. Therefore using classic designs to style the room ensures that it never goes out of date. Patterns like floral, polka dots and stripes are simple but are in style all the time.


The availability of kids wallpaper online allows parents to choose from a wide range of designs and colours. Again sticking to a specific colour or using pastel colours may make the room look amazing but it must be changed as the child grows. Paints or wallpapers with neutral colours makes the room elegant and not too babyish so it can be used by the child for a long period of time.


Nursery furniture is extremely expensive and can be used for maximum two years only because the baby will outgrow it. It isn’t wise to purchase furniture to match a specific theme colour since it won’t be in use after a while. Parents must buy furniture which can be converted and used by the child for a longer period of time. Furniture companies have advanced furniture that can be easily converted like baby cribs which can be converted into beds. Other furniture like the changing table and gliders can also be turned into dressers and chairs.


Using pictures and art is a interesting way to decorate the nursery. There are amazing watercolor artwork online for reasonable prices which parents can use as decoration. Artworks can consist of pictures of animals, random patterns and even be customized with the baby’s name.


Everything in the nursery cannot obviously be used for long periods of time but they are essential like toys. Stuffed toys and baby rockers are important for a nursery though it must be removed as the child grows. Since its inexpensive and adds a childish look to the nursery it is worth the penny.