The first year birthday party of your baby’s is a special day that any parent would be dreaming of planning for right when their baby is born (may be…). This is surely a day that no parent could ever forget and no child could ever remember! Nonetheless it is a special day. So here are some tips to help you plan this day out to be as memorable as it could be.

Pick a theme

Having a theme to design your party on, not only makes it interesting but also easier to plan. So think of some cool themes that you could use as a base to design and decorate the place. You could go for a pink themed party if it’s for your baby girl, or a toy story based theme or even Big Hero 6. Match the food, the plates, the luxury baby gifts bags for other children and even drinks according to this theme and colors to make sure that each and every piece is in line with one another.

Design the invite

Another important detail in a party is the invite. When you are designing this invite, do have a rough sketch of what you want to include in it and having a cool and unique way of spelling it out to the guests. This way even if you want to let your guests know that you are expecting a teething giraffe as a gift, then you can even do so based on the fancy wordings you use and the interesting way you present it. This could also be done the other way so to say that you don’t really expect anything but their presence. The key in the way you word it out!

Plan games

Just because your baby is too small to be a part of the games, doesn’t mean you should skip out on them. Think of the other children who have been invited and plan out a couple simple and fun games. You could host a scavenger hunt, an egg search even though it isn’t Easter or even something as simple as musical chairs. No matter what you plan out, make sure that it would be something fun to keep the children occupied and the adults mingling!

Don’t forget the cake

A birthday is never complete without a cake. So make sure that you have that special cake baked for your baby’s first year party. After all this is the first time they are being introduced to sugar after months of eating smashed potatoes and grinded carrots! If you are still not sure about giving them a piece though, you can always set a cake that is baked with less sugar. This way your child and the guests all get to have a piece of cake! Keep the camera on standby too because you never know when they might smash their faces in to it and that is a memory you would certainly want to hold on to for a long time!

Consider the above tips and throw a fun and memorable first year birthday party for your child!